In this blog I will show you how to become a Google Analytics Ninja in less than a month. All you have to do is spare a few hours a day and go  In this blog I will show you how to become a Google Analytics Ninja in less than a month. All you have to do is spare a few hours a day and go through the steps below. Don’t let the terminology and the scattered resources all over the web scare you. It is a lot easier than you think.

          Google Analytics is your gateway drug. It is a marvelous-free software to run and analyze your web marketing. I know some Team-Omniture fellas out there may disagree with that. Don’t get me wrong, Omniture is a great software, but it is difficult to find free resources as opposed to Google Analytics. That’s why this blog is dedicated to Google Analytics. So let’s jump into it!

1- First order of business is opening a Google Analytics account. After signing up,  grab the WebTracking Code and place it on your Website. How to setup the ID on your site can be found here. If you don’t have a website don’t worry, you can open a sandbox account and practice on it. Click here for the instructions on how to open your sandbox account.

 2- Congratulations you have opened your Analytics account and the data is flowing into your dashboard. Now let’s visit Google Analytics Academy to learn what we can do with this marvelous tool. On the academy you will find multiple courses. I would strongly suggest starting with Digital Analytics Fundamentals. After you are done with it, take the Google Analytics Platform Principles. These courses consist of videos, text and multiple choice answers. I must add that the videos move in a very fast pace. So make sure to take notes while watching the videos. This is how I did it:

-Watch the corresponding video while taking notes

-Answer the multiple choice questions

-Click on the text button and internalize the information

-Go to your Analytics account and apply all the cool tricks you just learned

-Once you are done with all the units, take the final assessment

3-  Great! You passed your Final assessments! Before taking the GAIQ exam, let’s reinforce what we have learned. Check out this pdf from Blast Analytics and make sure you are comfortable with all definitions. Also, visit this great blog from MOZ about the GAIQ exam.

4- Next step is taking the GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification) test. You need to sign up for a Google Partners account to be able to take the test. The test is free to take and consists of 70 questions. You have to answer 56 of them correctly to pass it. Remember, you only have 90 minutes to complete the test! If you fail, you can retake it in 2 weeks or immediately after creating a new account.

5- Congratulations, now you are GAIQ certified and gave yourself a critical edge in the job market.  Go out and celebrate! When your hangover eases, go back to the Analytics Academy and learn about Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals and Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions.

6- Great Job! You are done with all the courses in the Academy and on your way to become a Google Analytics Ninja! It is time to go deeper into the Analytics world and gain some more edge. Visit this awesome blog from KissMetrics 50 Resources for Getting the Most Out of Google Analytics and spend a good week in there. Don’t forget to apply, apply and then re-apply!!! Trust me, what you learned in there will separate you from all the Click streamers out there and get you the job! Also, take a look at this interactive check-list from SimplyBusiness to confirm you are on the right track.

7- “Wait, I already mastered Google Analytics. Why am I still on the step 7?” You guessed right, it’s time to get your Google AdWords certification. Knowing how to run AdWords campaigns will enable you to do a lot more with your newly earned Google Analytics skills. So let’s start!

First thing you need to do is to take the Essential AdWords courses. These courses will give you a general idea about AdWords and sharpen your marketing skills.

8-  Done with the courses? That was quick. Now let’s jump into the study guides. I advise you to take them in the corresponding order.

9-  Time to take the AdWords exams. Sign-in to your Google Partners account and click on AdWords under certifications. There are 5 exams but you only need to pass 2 to become certified. If you have the time, I advise you to take them all. Number of questions and the timing are different for each test although you need an 80% passing score.

10- That’s it! You collected all your Google certificates and became a pro in Google Analytics and AdWords. It is time to update your CV, Linkedin and apply for your dream job. But Hey! Why stop there! Remember, GA is your gateway drug and now it’s time to move in to the world of “Web Analytics 2.0” and become a “Web Analytics Ninja”

Web Analytics 2.0 is the framework established by the Analytics Guru and Google Evangelist Avinash Kaushik. Visit his blog and learn about Multiplicity. I also advise you to get his book Web Analytics 2.0 and make it your bible. Take your time with this great book and don’t forget apply, apply and then re-apply! Good-luck and may the Analytics Force be with you!